How does our offer stand out?

Our offer is unique for its openness towards each client.

We can complete prototypes, pilot batches, as well as large orders.

We have three manufacturing lines - each designed for a different type of order.

Our strengths include:

  • Fast turnaround times,
  • Assembly in accordance with IPC-A-610 and ISO 9001 standards,
  • Working closely with the client and proposing alternative solutions if components are unavailable,
  • Flexible approach to purchasing (we work with both our own and the client’s components).

Batch manufacturing

We offer a full range of electronics manufacturing services (EMS) – the purchase of components and printed circuit boards, electronics manufacturing, functional testing and delivery to the specified location.

Prototypes and small batches

We are happy to work with our clients on the preparation of prototypes and small batches with the use of manufacturing lines designed specifically for this purpose.

Design services

We can develop and provide complete solutions for specialized electronic circuits and the accompanying software. With many years of experience gained from our own designs and in-house manufacturing, we can offer full technical support for both a complete device and a small change.

CNC machining

Designed and manufactured electronics items must be enclosed. The simplest solution is the appropriate processing of commercially available universal enclosures. The end result can sometimes be astonishing.

All of our solutions have one thing in common –

perfection arising from the passion and commitment of those who create them.

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