As a business, we have been present in the electronics market since 2009. The beginnings involved simple speed controllers for DC motors using analogue technology and 8-bit microcontrollers. Subsequently, we expanded the range of products and services on offer to include systems that work with AC motors, programmable speed controllers, sensors, data acquisition, and many other options at the client’s request.

Currently, our focus is on comprehensive Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) carried out on several lines for automatic electronics assembly. We want to be a partner for every client, hence each line is used to handle a different type of order, such as assembly of prototypes, assembly of small and medium batches and completion of large batches on our newest line.

Additionally, our Design Department provides assistance and advice as well as a full range of services in the development of the blueprint and design of the device, software development and the preparation of detailed documentation. We are able to create any solution from scratch – we monitor every stage of the creation process of the device and every phase of the project. We have the technical potential to carry out a complete order – from the design of the device, followed by the prototype, to working, mass-manufactured items. We design and manufacture hardware, firmware and software.

Our clients receive cost-optimized products that meet their requirements in every respect. With many years of experience resulting from our own designs and in-house manufacturing, we are able to offer comprehensive technical support for both a small change and the development of a complete device for the client.

Design, manufacturing and assembly are carried out in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard, which confirms our ability to continuously deliver products that comply with the client’s requirements and applicable regulations.

The highest quality of electronics manufacturing comes with the IPC-A-610 standard that is widely used in the industry and takes into account various aspects in the field of electronic packages, target conditions, ideal situations and tolerances defined as acceptable conditions.

Obtaining certificates is by no means our ultimate goal – just the opposite, we see them as a starting point for continuous development and quality training of all staff.

All of our solutions have one thing in common –

perfection arising from the passion and commitment of those who create them.