DC UDCD-1 bi-directional speed controller

An advanced, bi-directional controller constructed with the use of MOSFET transistors and on the basis of the pulse width modulation (PWM) technique. The device makes it possible to smoothly and bi-directionally control the speed of a DC motor with rated voltage 24[V]. The controller is available in three versions: UDCD-1/5, UDCD-1/10 and UDCD-1/15, differing by the threshold of the electronic current limiter, which is, respectively, 5[A], 10[A] or 15[A].

Power supply voltage
24 [V] ± 10%
0 -100 [%]
MSI frequency
≈ 2 [kHz] dobierana indywidualnie
Ambient temperature
0 – 45 [°C]
Size of the board
140x145x60 [mm]

The parameters of the controller may be adjusted individually.