We offer professional

Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS)

along with comprehensive manufacturing preparation

Batch manufacturing

Prototypes and small batches

Design services

CNC machining

Has been operating in the electronics market for more than a decade, and was established out of the passion and competence of its founders.

Siltegro focuses on comprehensive electronics manufacturing services (EMS). Since every client is equally important to us, we use each of our assembly lines to handle a different type of order, such as prototype assembly, small- and medium-batch assembly, as well as large-batch manufacturing processes. We are trusted by clients around the globe, representing various industries.

In addition, we provide design services. We can create almost any solution from scratch. Our Design Department provides full support and a comprehensive range of services in the development of the blueprint and design of the device, software development and the preparation of detailed documentation.

All our solutions have one thing in common – perfection arising from the passion and commitment of those who create them.

We have built long-term and strong relationships with the companies that trust us. A quick phone call, a brief e-mail. We just understand each other. You can become our client too.

Electronics is an ART