The Siltegro company was launched in 2009. Since the company’s inception our core business has been to deliver products and solutions used in other manufacturers’ devices.

Siltegro was initially focused on the design and production of simple analog and 8 bit MCU based DC motor speed controllers. The company’s development was boosted by the market launch of AC motor drives and programmable process controllers that worked in connection with frequency inverters.

The years 2011 – 2012 mark a milestone in the company’s growth. The product range grew to include solutions for the food and drink industry, such as simple process controllers and state-of-the-art controllers monitoring the operation of production lines. All the available solutions are based on the company’s own, dedicated hardware platforms developed by our constructors and software created by our software engineers.

Along with OEM production, Siltegro is a supplier of complete solutions comprising simple automation systems. This is why our own, versatile SMC and SMAS modules have been developed.

Siltegro is not only a controlling equipment manufacturer. Siltegro also manufactures a broad range of sensors which make it possible to measure and visualize over 30 different variables. The created system combines, on an advanced level, the analogue technology, the 32-bit acquisition system as well as extended, multiplatform software which monitor the operation of the whole system.


All our solutions have one thing in common –
perfection achieved as a result of passion and commitment of the people creating them


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