Contract assembly of electronics


We offer professional SMD and THT contract assembly along with comprehensive preparation of production.

We offer:

  • assembly of prototypes as well as small, medium and large production batches
  • automatic SMD surface assembly
  • manual THT assembly
  • automated visual inspection of the product (AOI)
  • mechanical assembly and CNC machining
  • preparation of wiring
  • final assembly including commissioning, testing and packaging

We guarantee:Linia_2

  • a solder paste stencil

At the client’s request:

  • we provide PCB
  • we provide components

To prepare an offer, we need:

  • a set of Gerber files (PCB fabrication)
  • a BOM file (material replenishment)
  • a Pick&Place file (automatic assembly)
  • a description of additional operations to be carried out (programming, tests, mechanical assembly, etc.)
  • order quantity

We work with the following equipment:

  • Essemtec
  • Heller
  • Ersa
  • Pace
  • Tagarno
  • Fisnar